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Broadcast Spreader


The JRCO Electric Broadcast Spreader attaches to your mower or utility vehicle, increasing productivity with an accurate spread pattern at higher ground speeds. The heavy-duty broadcaster is ideal for spreading all types of granular and pelletized fertilizer, seed, and ice-melting pellets.

The JRCO Broadcast Spreader is made of corrosion-resistant materials, stainless steel and engineered plastics. The polyethylene hopper has a 2.2 cubic foot or 120 pound capacity. An electronic speed control accurately maintains spread pattern widths from 5-24 feet. A sealed, quick-disconnect wiring harness is included for hook-up to the mowers battery.

JRCO offers three broadcast spreader models. Model 503 has a foot-operated gate for mid-mount zero-turn mowers. Model 504 has a push-pull cable gate for walk-behind and out-front mowers. The 503 and 504 broadcasters attach to the JRCO mount bar with four clevis pins. Model 504U for utility vehicles has a longer push-pull cable and attaches to the JRCO 1-1/4" hitch receiver mount on the front or back.

Shipping Weight: 50 lbs

Capacity: 120 lbs / 2.2 cu.ft

Width: 29 in

Length: 22 in

Height: 24 in

Warranty: 90 day limited

• Polyethylene hopper with large capacity of 120 lbs. / 2.2 cu. ft or 2 bags of pelletized fertilizer

• All stainless steel, rugged tubular frame

• Stainless steel gate design is non-gumming for easy opening and tight closure

• Durable molded base solidly supports gate controls

• A pattern centering control adjusts for uniform spread of various materials

• Out front, opening gauge adjustment is easy to read for accurate settings

• Four bladed, stainless steel fan can be removed easily for cleaning

• Electronic speed control governs the fan speed to ensure accurate width of spread

• Stainless steel vibrating agitator breaks up lumps and ensures superior material feed

• JRCO engineered heavy-duty, sealed, direct drive 12 volt electric motor

• Wiring harness with sealed, waterproof connectors and rain cap

• Clear view moisture cover and rear dust shield protect the mower and operator

• Stainless bolts wedge the broadcaster in the mount, preventing any wiggle

• Stainless steel bumper protects the motor and fan

• Optional stainless screen sifts lumps from bulk fertilizers

• Optional side deflector kit with plastic cup and stainless steel brackets

• Optional extension wire harness for mounting speed control near operator

"What a perfect piece of equipment, can't say enough good about it. Ease of operation, installation was quick and simple. I can't believe the time it saves. Plus it stops and starts easy and positive. Off is off, on is on. Very pleased." ~ Vito, Schenectady, NY

"Works great. Very well pleased. Saved a lot of pushing and towing of other broadcast spreaders. I recommend JRCO products to any commercial or homeowner that's in the business. Thanks for making my work faster and easier." ~ Kevin, Caneyville, KY

"This is a top quality piece of equipment. Thanks for the attention to detail." ~ Kevin, Cape Coral, FL

"The spreader is amazing; don't need a helper anymore. Will buy another one this spring." ~ Chris, Sag Harbor, NY

"After spreading 180 bags, I can easily say it cut our time in half. Great coverage with no striping, even with new guys. Well worth the investment." ~ Paul, Naples, FL

"Best broadcast spreader I've ever used; Has a good even spread and is fast." ~ Eddie, Union Grove, NC




Electronic Speed Control

Sealed Motor

Vibrating Agitator

Wiring Harness

Gate Controls

Gate Adjustment

Stainless Steel Bumper

Foot Controlled Gate

Push-Pull Cable Control

Protective Cover

Rugged Tubular Frame

Quick Attachment

Patten Centering Control

Polyethylene Hopper

Optional Side Deflector

Optional Screen

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