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Spike Tow-Behind Aerator


Slices holes in turf to allow oxygen, water and nutrients to reach grass roots. Easily transition from transport to aeration in seconds. Transport with spikes in UP position, then when ready to begin aeration, simply fold hitch over top of unit and hook to mower and begin aeration.

Aeration Width: 48 in

Overall Width: 64 in

Tines: Welded Steel Tines

Spike Quantity: 102

Spike Penetration Depth: 2 3/4 in

Water Capacity: 32 gal / 267 lbs

Hitch: No pin included

Tires: 410/350-4, 2-Ply with Greasable Ball Bearings (for transport only)

Towing Speed: N/A

Height: 24 in. on wheels, 18 1/2 in. on spikes

Shipping Weight: 120 lbs

• Tank can be filled with water for added weight

• Unit is heavy to begin with

• Wheels are bolted in place with no pins or latches to rotate the tow bar 180 degrees while lowering or lifting the drum

• Loosen soil

• Increase water filtration

• Increase oxygen

• Release carbon dioxide

• Encourage root growth

• Rolls on 1" grease-able pillow block bearings



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