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Garden Tractor Dethatcher


JRCO Front-Mount Dethatchers are available for a limited number of Tractors including:

  • Model 463 Kubota BX series, Simplicity Sovereign & Legacy
  • Model 464Toro 5xi
  • Model 466 Cub Cadet 2000 Series
  • Model 467 Cub Cadet 3000 Series

The Tine Rake Dethatcher is the ultimate spring clean-up tool. Use the rake for the first mowing of the spring to remove thatch, embedded leaves and debris. The patented tines lift thatch without damaging healthy turfgrass and at the same time comb matted grass giving the lawn a clean, hand-raked appearance.

After a hot summer, use Tine Rake Dethatcher to surface aerate the soil. This promotes root development and makes room for thicker turfgrass. Use the dethatcher during seeding operations to rake in seed and accelerate germination. Finally, use Tine Rake Dethatcher for the last mowing of the fall leaving a picture-perfect, clean lawn.

Whether you mulch or bag, the Tine Rake Dethatcher can be used throughout the growing season as a tool to control thatch accumulation and reduce the chance of turf disease.

Shipping Weight: 36 in = 80 lbs | 46 in = 86 lbs | 60 in = 95 lbs | 60 in HD - 99 lbs

Capacity: 120 lbs / 2.2 cu.ft

Width: 36 in = 36.5 in | 46 in = 46.5 in | 60 in = 61.5 in

No. of Tines: 36 in = 27 tines | 46 in = 35 tines | 60 in = 47 tines

Warranty: 90 day limited

• Patented double looped spring steel tines work back and forth with a snap action to remove large amounts of thatch.

• A lift handle raises and latches the rake for transport over pavement and curbs. A ratcheting release mechanism easily lowers the rake.

• The stabilizer tube through the lower loop of the patented double loop tines maintains tine spacing, allowing zero-turns without lifting the rake or damaging turf.

• Heavy-duty 12 gauge powder coated steel rake deck is the backbone of the dethatcher.

• Attaches to the JRCO mount system with clevis pins. A heavy-duty latch bar secures both arms.

• The rake height can be adjusted with the front wheels and u-brackets.

"The engineering of your products has raised the bar for professional equipment. It is a pleasure to work with your equipment." ~ David, Vida, OR




Double Loop Spring Tines

Folds for Trailering

Stabilizer Tube for Spacing

12 Gauge Steel Deck

Lift Handle for Adjustment

Connects to JRCO Mount

Adjustable Wheels

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